Laser Belt Alignment Tools
several models to fit your budget and technical requirements.
D90 Compact BTA Light-weight plastic low-cost tool.
L80 (Billet Aluminum)  Affordable precision! All Aluminum-Made in the U.S.A.
D150 BTA Digital 2 Add a 'live" display for increased accuracy.
D160 Digital with Handheld display
D90 BTA Compact
For simple, quick alignment of belt drives. The tool is fitted in a few seconds, and the laser line projected on the targets clearly shows how you need to adjust the machines. Compact and light-weight high-impact plastic housing.

Easy-Laser BTA90 has targets that are read "visually" and ensure excellent accuracy. That is enough for many users. If, in the future, you want to have a digital display and its associated benefits, you can add one of our digital detectors (see system D150 and D160) which can detect the laser line from Easy-Laser D90 BTA.

D90 BTA is suitable for most types of drive, such as V-belt, toothed belt, flat belt and chain drives. Can also be used on non-magnetic pulleys.


Order Part Number  5700-146 

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Laser is mounted on Drive Sheave and Targets are mounted on Driven Sheave. Move Drive Unit until alignment is achieved.
laser belt alignment

Immediate Visual Results-fast and affective!laser belt alignment

Monarch Instrument L80 Laser Belt Alignment Tool Billet Aluminum Housing
Same visual alignment principals as D90 but with Solid Billet Aluminum construction. 1 year limited warranty.
Order Part Number  5700-170 
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 Made in the U.S.A. MADE IN THE U.S.A.        

laser belt alignment
Kit includes: Laser with embedded magnets, (3) pcs. magnetic targets, ABS carrying Case and Batteries.

Easy-Laser D150 BTA Digital 2

Easy­Laser® BTA Digital2 is attached in a few seconds (magnets) with the laser transmitter on one of the sheaves and the detector on the other.

The transmitter generates a laser plane parallel to the reference sheave. The detector reads the position in relation to the laser plane and provides a live digital display of both offset and angular value. This makes the alignment of the adjustable machine very simple.

The accuracy of the digital readout also means that you can align within prescribed tolerances and rely on the result.

Laser Belt Alignment Setup

Order Part Number 5700-147  

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Easy-Laser D160 Digital with Handheld Display

The Easy-Laser® D160 belt & pulley laser alignment tool you can monitor every move you make on the hand-held display. With Easy-Laser® you eliminate the "guess work"; the D160 will display the angular and offset misalignment values allowing you to align to a specified tolerance.

You can connect the D160 to the Easy-Laser® D505 shaft alignment system; this will enable you to produce reports or printouts. Transfer your file into the FREE Easy-Link Software and keep records of your alignment results.

Order Part Number 5700-148 

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