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 D450 Basic Laser Shaft Alignment System  SPECIFICATIONS   ORDERING INFORMATION

Laser Shaft Alignment
How does it work?
principles of Easy-Laser Shaft Alignment

System Description
For users who want a simple, reliable and cost-effective measuring system for the alignment of horizontally-installed machines. Provides vertical and horizontal alignment solutions, graphically on the display screen. EasyLink™ for Windows® is included to upload alignment data and export it to Excel®.

Simple laser shaft alignment. See below. System
requires 180° of rotation.

Typical applications:
Pumps, motors, gearboxes.

Simple to Operate
Features Dual Laser System-each laser fires into the opposing sensor. Similar to reverse-dial method.
No training required-follow on-screen instructions.
Precision results in less time.

D450 Specifications  (System)

Display Unit D279


Horizontal, Softfoot, Thermal Growth Compensation, Tolerance Check, Measurement Value Filter

Housing material

Anodized aluminum / ABS-plastic

Measurement distance

Up to 10 m [33 feet]

Type of display

Dot matrix LCD

Temperature range

0-50°C [32-122°F]

Display size

73×73 mm [2.87"×2.87"]

Relative humidity


Displayed resolution

0.001mm, 0.05 mils/thou

Max. displayed error

±1% +1 digit


4 × 1.5 V R14 (C)

Weight of System

5 kg [11 lbs]

Operating time

24 hours

Carrying case

W×H×D: 420×320×110 mm [16"×12"×4"]

Output port

RS232 for printer

 Memory1,000 Alignment Measurements


Contrast and unit (mil/thou/mm)

Download Data Sheet


WxHxD: 180×180×45 mm [7.1"×7.1"×1.8"]



1250 g [2.8 lbs]

 D450 Specifications   (Sensors)

Shaft brackets

Housing material

Anodized aluminum.


V-fixture for chain

Type of laser

Diode laser. Class II


Anodized aluminum

Laser wavelength

635-670 nm.

Shaft diameter

Ř 20-450 mm [3/4"-18"] with standard chains.

Laser output power

<1 mW.


Max. Distance

33 feet (10m)


Type of detectors

PSD 0.39" sq. (10 x 10mm.)


Stainless steel


±1% + 1 digit over full range.


60 and 240 mm [2.36" and 9.44"]

Temperature range

32-122°F (0 - 50 °C).


Relative humidity

10% - 95%.



2.4 x 2.4 x 1.97" (60x60x50mm)



7 oz (198 g).

TypeWith Push/Pull connection


Not Required. Units self calibrate.

Length2 m [78.74"]
D450 Ordering Information Order P/N 5700-101                                                       
Laser Shaft Alignment SystemEasy-Laser® D450 System
(2) 10 x 10 mm PSD (laser/detectors) with 2m cables.
(1) Display Unit D279 with firmware for alignment of horizontal machines and SoftFoot Indicator, Thermal Compensation, Tolerance Check and Measurement Value Filter.
(1) Leatherette Cover for Display Unit
(2) Fixture Bases with chain fasteners
(1) Set 2.5" Risers
(1) Set of 9.5" Risers, (2) 36" Chain Extensions
(1) Tightening Tool
(1) Tape Measure
(1) Carrying Case
(1) EasyLink™ Windows® based software and Communication Cable


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